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Monday, February 11, 2013

Two Ohio Community Colleges Are Authorized to Fly Drones

Then next time one of your liberal friends talks about the need to invest (a liberal euphemism from squander) in education you might mention that in Ohio at least, even community colleges have have their own drone programs.
 Drone programs? Bullshit!
The Electronic Frontier Foundation has forced the FAA through a FOIA lawsuit to reveal the 81 public entities that have authorized drone sites. Many are sheriff departments in western states where county jurisdictions may be hundreds of square miles but Ohio can boast of at least 5 sites including the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Medina County Sheriff’s Office and of course Sinclair and Lorain Community Colleges.
Sinclair and Lorain Community Colleges? WTF!
Why do two community colleges need drone sites? I dunno. After browsing their web sites I have to concede that both schools show uncharacteristic modesty in achieving super spy status. Neither site even mentions the possibility that they will be training tomorrows domestic surveillance technicians today. Ohio University also can boast of a FAA COA (certificate of authorization) and to be fair many there are many academic COA holders nationwide but Sinclair and Lorain are the only community colleges on the list.
The issue of Big Brother spying on his citizens has raised concern among those of us who give a damn about personal privacy and the fact that it takes a FOIA lawsuit to know who the potential spies are does little to redress that concern.

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