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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Skeetgate: just who's being trolled?

  I don't know anything about skeet shooting but the minute I saw the White House photo released to prove that indeed Obama went skeet shooting "all the time" I had reservations about its veracity.
  The only thing I know about skeet shooting is that clay pigeons are tossed up in the air and the shooter throws the gun up to hit the target so when I saw this I wondered if he was shooting at a target right in front of him. Plus I'll be honest the smoke looks Photoshopped to me.
  This is a matter of little or no importance, other than to symbolize how phony and staged the Obama presidency is. In fact, Leftists claim that by releasing the photo, Obama was dragging chum through the conspiracy waters of right wingers.
  In fact, right wingers had lots of Twitchy fun with it. Others observed that it was yet another instance where Obama's team screams "squirrel" to deflect from the depressing reality of the economy, drones and gun grabbing.
  The American Thinker has an extensive takedown on the photo, including gun shoulder position, stance and surroundings.
  Personally I don't care much about any of this, though I did read the AT article and I am blogging about it.
  It's just amusing that Obama's macho image has to be bolstered by releasing a ridiculous photo like this. The Left may claim that right wingers'll fall for anything, but the truth is the Obamabots do the same when it comes to the Royal Narcissist's enormous ego.
  Why on earth would Obama brag that he went skeet shooting "all the time" other than to impress people about his wide gun knowledge and to refute the anonymous observer that Obama skittered off as fast as he could, "as uncomfortable" as he could possibly be.
  On a related squirrel note, jobless numbers for last week were revised up, while unemployment of those still seeking employment remains at 7.9%.

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