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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Toledo 11th most miserable city

  Mais oui! But of course! Zees is why zee Tea Partiers have move to cities outside zee Toledo area.
  Forbes outs Toledo here.
  But what do all these miserable cities have in common?
  Why, they're run by Democrats, of course! I admit I like Mayors Bell and Bing of Toledo and Detroit respectively, but it's not just the mayors who run the cities who are entrenched liberals.
  It's the city councils and the people who vote them in who are so dedicated to the union mentality of overcommitment to government workers, plush benefits, nanny state regulations and lots of broken city streets and vast cracked concreted ghostly landscapes replete with tumbleweed and broken bottles reminiscent of the businesses who formerly thrived there.
  Toledo has possibilities; it's a great location, it could have an attractive waterfront and the people in Northwest Ohio are generally friendly. But the city itself cannot seem to sustain any kind of business. The quality of student in the schools is abysmal and few people actually pay property taxes because of the poverty level. Dependency on government? You bet.
  And that's the core of the problem, is it not.

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