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Friday, February 22, 2013

Elitists exclude themselves from laws, taxes

  Victor Davis Hanson, the eloquent educated spokesman for the conservative movement...why couldn't we have politicians who can think, write and speak like this?
 More at  NRO:
Today’s leftists like the high life as much as their demonized conservative rivals do. The more they damn the bad “millionaires and billionaires,” apparently the less guilt they feel about living it up in Palm Beach or Aspen — paying no taxes, offshoring their profits, or wearing Rolex watches. 
The vast growth of the federal government has splashed so much big money around New York and Washington that even muckraking progressives can’t resist. Loud redistributionist rhetoric offers the necessary vaccination shot that makes privileged leftists immune from any criticism — or guilt — over indulging in tax avoidance, billion-dollar speculation, or aristocratic tastes.
  OTOH, we have the typical Democrat Mayor Oscar Hernandez, who paid himself $100,000 for a part-time job. His lawyer claims it's not his fault that he and others kept upping their salaries for doing nothing since he didn't even finish elementary school and other dummies had been in office too.
  Instead (CBS News):
"They didn't say, 'Stop in the name of the law. These salaries are illegal,'" he said. 
Hernandez was known around town for having a big heart and being willing to listen to everyone's problems, and like many other politicians of simple backgrounds, he wasn't required to be scholarly to be mayor, the lawyer said. 
"We elect people who have a good heart. Someone who can listen to your problems and look you in the eye," Friedman said. "There are a lot of elected officials who may not be the most scholarly. We had a vice president of the United States who didn't know how to spell potato." 
  Well, let's not mention that the word was misspelled on the card Quayle was handed by the school. That's an inconvenient truth the press only released after Quayle was safely part of history and unelectable.

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