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Monday, February 25, 2013

Wah! We need more nannies to tell us what to do!

  Those of us out here in the red states look at Nanny Bloomberg as an oddity, someone who has vastly overstepped his boundaries as a leader. 
  The soda ban takes effect in NYC in March; shop owners are just now beginning to see the web of regulations that determine how they get to run their businesses.
  From the New York Post, we learn that pizza shops are not allowed to deliver 2 liter bottles with pizzas nor are bar owners allowed to serve caloric mixers no matter how much alcohol is delivered to the table:
The carafes in which mixers are typically served hold 32 ounces, and the most common mixers — sodas, cranberry juice and tonic water — will be limited. Only water and 100 percent juice will be unlimited. 
“Oh, my God. Seriously?” said Lamia Sunti, owner of the swanky West Village club Le Souk Harem. “It’s not like one person is going to be drinking the whole carafe. It’s silly.”
  What gripes me most is a few people in positions of power get to determine the course of our lives: the POTUS, Democrats, the Supreme Court and locally, a do gooder who does not apply the same rules to his own life, gets squired around town by a driver and has his own gym, trainer and cook.
  In a nation of over 300 million people, under a thousand people in federal government in DC get to tell us how we lives our lives; they decide to ruin the health care system, making it political, and are still acting like it's an improvement. 
  People have already figured ways around having to pay for health care until and unless they need it. There aren't enough doctors for the new patients, the government is trolling for Mexicans to come to this country and get on our welfare and health care provisions, companies are dropping part time employees' hours or their employment altogether and by the end of the year they will have dropped health insurance for all employees in favor of the government exchanges. Health care costs have risen and will rise more and there's no money for the enormous bills that will accompany health care.
  Oh, well.
  Those politicians sure know best.
  And a community organizer is doing what he does best: causing dissension, pitting people against "the system" and setting his own schedule by living off the largesse of the government.
UPDATE: Oh, and let's DEFINITELY make the whole state give up their sodas!

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