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Friday, February 22, 2013

Biden: I shot a round into the air was illegal

  In tandem with Maumee Vice's blog post below, I thought it would be appropriate to post the Joe Biden video of a few days ago in which he encourages women to buy a double barreled shotgun rather than an AR 15.
  How wacky Joe got into office again after his disgraceful debate performance is a mystery and now here he goes again. Oh, that's just Joe being Joe.
  Here's where we are these days. Our politicians are telling us what we can buy. Which kind of weapon. Which kind of ammo. What size drink. What kind of car. How much we should travel, excluding themselves.
  On it goes.
  Unfortunately what Biden suggests his wife do if intruders are threatening her--shoot a few rounds in the air with a shotgun on the balcony--is illegal in his state and could wind up with his wife in jail, particularly since there's a school near their property.
  I shot a round into the air. It fell to earth, I know not where. Oh, and there's that.
  (What's up with the interviewer's voice in this video also? Geez, he sounds like he's sucking on helium or something.)

  Take a look at the difference between the effects of firing a double barreled shotgun and an AR 15.
  I know which advice I'd take about which gun to buy.
  But bad advice is just Joe being Joe.

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