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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Uh, A & E, the Duck Commanders don't need you

  Phil Robertson is a "character" on Duck Dynasty, the cable show that has 14 million viewers, more than the 10 million garnered by the Breaking Bad finale.
  By character, I mean character.
  He's prickly, irascible, rarely smiles, loves his wife & family and highly ethical. A devout Christian, you're never quite sure what will come out of his mouth.
  Or any of the mouths of the Dynasty characters.
  What you hear come out of their mouths is the kind of foul profanity exhibited on most other programs.
  Isn't this reality tv? It's who they are. 
  Lots has been written and spoken about Phil's remarks today. 
  For me, what it all boils down to is this.
  While it is true that public opinion has changed concerning public mores, how can anyone say where we are now is light years better than thirty years ago? Yes, some changes are good but the crap we witness on our air waves year after year is absolutely disgusting and appalling.
  We have become inured to the disgusting bare anatomy, the "slips" of language and body revelations, the intimate discussions of personal habits, the foul behavior of misguided indulgent parents, the low, low, low events of dissolute meaningless lives who peer into our homes day after day if we let them.
  And yet Phil Robertson quotes the Bible and the world comes undone.
  Sorry, A & E, we're not buying it this time. You've said Phil does not reflect your "values," though that word seems particularly inappropriate given that Phil is a religious family man.
  Your values lie with the Left, as so many garbage channels on the tube do.
  What we want is to unbundle cable channels so we could pick what we want.
  We did notice you're running a Duck Dynasty marathon this weekend.
  Since the Robertson family will not continue without their patriarch, we're pretty sure you'd better milk those "values" for all you can get for now. 
UPDATE: I should have mentioned The Blaze has been courting the Robertsons; many other options are available. Whatever. A & E stand to lose $400 million a year when they depart.
  It's not only the Southern Christians who are pushing back. Twitchy has a roundup of the disgust even Leftists are showing for A & E's move.
UPDATE II: Heh. Always ahead of the story, the People's Cube has something to say about the situation:
A message released by A&E’s Department of Tolerance stated, “We have long been strong and proud supporters of adultery, bestiality, idolatry, drunkenness, greed, slander, and swindling. We deeply regret Mr. Robertson’s slanderous libel against our minority citizens and urge him to shut up until he learns a little tolerance.”

Completely unrepentant, Mr. Robertson says he’s “happy, happy, happy” to take a stand for Christ. -

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