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Monday, December 23, 2013

Obamacare Hunger Games continue: now, the Photo Op

  We await breathlessly the photo op of Obama descending from his Hawaii vacation luury perch long enough to "sign up for Obamacare."
  Another trick, designed to fool encourage the Pajama Boys around the country into giving their personal information and credit cards over to an insecure website that is selling health insurance plans far more expensive than any in history.
  If any dopey Pajama Boy actually thinks Obamacare will ever extend to the Obamas, I gotta bunch of old family VHS tapes to sell you for a million bucks. Mediaite:
They have four doctors and several more nurses on staff in the White House who travel with the president’s motorcade. Air Force One has an on-board operating room. And if Obama or any members of the First Family need to be treated in a hospital they are given priority treatment in military facilities
  Why do these people even play this game? How stupid do they think we are?
  More and more, the current administration is acting the part of The Capitol in the Hunger Games while the rest of the country suffers.
  We're not the only ones who've noticed the similarities.
  Revolution is coming?
UPDATE: I see it went well. Smirk.

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