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Thursday, December 5, 2013

HHS: don't worry about the price tag!

  So the conservative blogosphere is atwittering with the horrendous HHS winner for best video; Ms. McDonald "parodied" (or something because it's not a parody it's an alternate universe version of another song called "Price Tag.) a song to come up with this.
  Note all the sh*t in the background. She was workin' hard on makin' it real, sitting in front of her computer and reverbing her vocals. 
Ms. McDonald and HHS want us to "forget about the price tag!" Comrades! Forward! With that whole redistribution thing!
  Don't worry, either, because it "ain't about the cha ching!"
  Y'all don't worry about blowing a billion dollars on an insecure, uninformational website that doesn't work!

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