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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The selfie reveals all

  Many (if not most) politicians are completely uninterested in actually improving the lot of most Americans' lives and pocketbooks, unless they are perceived as benevolent givers of our own money back to us for the purposes of re-election.
  They don't care that we are stealing from future generations' pocketbooks, creating Ponzi schemes for pensioners that will create millions of Detroits around the country.
  They didn't care about wrecking health care, although now that it has been revealed as such a tidal wave of disaster and their re-elections are in doubt, suddenly there's cringing and concern that they will get caught up in the tidal wave.
  The absurd "agreement" with the brutal dictatorship of Iranian leaders seems to have struck a nerve, however, with even Democrats such as Rep. Juan Vargas of California, who thinks John Kerry would have been a "magnificent" president but thinks the Iranian deal, which will allow the Iranians to develop nuclear bombs, is "naive."
  Christian Science Monitor:
“I’m completely against it,” said Rep. Juan Vargas (D) of California. “Sanctions were working, but we didn’t ratchet them up enough.”
The Nov. 23 deal “seems to me to be naïve, frankly, on its face.” he added.
“I think it’s anything but naïve,” Kerry shot back. “I’ve been thinking about the Iran file for a lot of years,” he told the freshman lawmaker.
  Note that Vargas is sufficiently servile and reverential to Kerry before he criticizes him and that Kerry's response is to condescendingly remind Vargas that he, Kerry, has been around a long time and therefore deserves preferential totem pole treatment.
  Perhaps even Democrats are realizing that Obama's feckless foreign policy will have devastating consequences for the US, considering that Iranian leaders repeatedly state that their goals are to annihilate Israel and the US.
   The DC pecking order produces a Stockholm Syndrome mindset in politicians, coupled with the desire for more and more power; is the Syndrome's influence loosening? First Tea Party politicians like Paul and Cruz have had the audacity to not acknowledge their "superiors."
  Now even Leftists are beginning to question the seriousness of Obama's leadership.
  Ruination of our excellent health care system through politicization and income redistribution?
  Destruction of the economy through onerous regulations and the restructuring of 1/6, forcing volunteer fire departments to disband and small businesses (which employ some 80% of the work force) to downsize?
  Introducing the "fake" Iranian deal with a "fake" speech about acquiescing to terrorists' demands, allowing nuclear bombs to proliferate while relinquishing our own?
  Pointedly shaking the hand of a man who has tortured and killed human beings with those very hands?
  Repeated lies to his own constituents, the true believers, and then excusing those lies by informing the true believers (and the rest of us) that we misunderstood what our ears heard repeatedly?
  The house of cards is falling, even Stockholm Syndrome isn't working anymore and to top off this miserable term, Obama shows himself to be the unserious "leader" that he is by posing ridiculously during a solemn funereal event for a "selfie," photographs of which went immediately viral around the world. What fools.
  Even Michelle understood that this was inappropriate behavior that would reflect poorly on her man.
  Hovering nearby in the photos is Iranian born Valerie Jarrett, the shadow president.
  Even the sign language interpreter was fake at the ceremony which honored Mandela, whose true motives and nature are questioned by many people, particularly Christians.
  We had fun with the selfie yesterday but Obama's careless feckless moment of snapping a few selfies with an attractive blond and another male "ally" revealed much to the world.
  That single picture alone was enough to sour even the most smitten Obama fans. 
  It was narcissism writ large, unseriousness exposed and emblematic of a man who should have stayed locked in some academic ivory tower somewhere rather than be given the responsibility of running the most powerful nation on earth.
 The selfie that will live in infamy.
The "serious" "leader" at a "serious" event

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