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Monday, December 23, 2013

Chicago's Black community rises up!

    I'm trying not to be too impressed with this Rebel Pundit/Breitbart video of South Side Chicago residents who have had it with the "progressive" movement that has destroyed their community and encouraged lawlessness, modeled by the current administration.
  This video is remarkable for any number of reasons, not the least of which is an elderly gentleman's suggestion that what the Black Chicago community needs is a rousing town hall like the "Republican" Tea Party community meetings.
  (Well, maybe they haven't figured out yet that the Tea Party isn't traditionally Republican but rather is trending more sensible economy and even Libertarian.)
  What I'm suggesting, however, is that the progressive aka regressive movement is imploding with great fanfare and right in front of its most ardent admirers who are in complete denial.
  So I don't have to even mention Obamacare, then, k.
  Watch and wonder: At an Al Sharpton NAN event, Chicago's Black community 1) wants to know why the Obama administration hates them so much to send Rahm Emanuel to govern their city.  2) wants to know why they continue to vote for the same people who not only do nothing for them but put into place laws that are harmful to their community  3)  asks themselves why they've been so dumb for so long.  4)  suggests that they need to participate in more Tea Party events.
  The end of the world, n'est ce pas?
  Or perhaps simply the end of an era.
  Watch, wonder and hope that we will all be united in the preservation of this great Republic. 
  What's remarkable is this community doesn't really know that a Tea Party is what they just had! This is how it starts.

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  1. It always amazes me how many people who normally don't speak publicly can be so very eloquent when they do speak.