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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It depends on the meaning of the word "lie"

  I've never thought Obama was the anti-Christ.
  Watching his followers convinces me that whenever that spiritually horned individual appears on the global scene, lots of people will fall right in line behind him like he's the Pied Piper, chanting some wackadoodle mantra, swaying back and forth and jockeying to hit the ground at his feet first.
  I don't care what color skin Obama has; he's a lousy leader, so lousy there's no possibility he's the anti-Christ of the Holy Scriptures.
  Oh, yes, he's divisive, which will undoubtedly be a necessary part of the anti-Christ's bag of tricks, in contrast with the also necessary ability to unify the humming numnuts of the planet.
  And, sure, he's attractive, if that "I'm a god who will heal the planet" sort of thing appeals to you.
  He and his teleprompter are good speakers, at least when planted in front of a(n ever smaller) humming crowd of genuflecting numnuts.
  It's just really, really hard interesting revolting fascinating to watch a hip, dreadlocked, individual who fancies himself an intellectual (you can tell this by the way he talks through and down his nose at the underlings) explain that, since every president lies, we just have to decide which lies we are most comfortable with.
  We know Obama--in his heart--wants the best for us, L.Z. Granderson loftily explains, so we have to trust him to lie to us about only good things.
  Now, we all know the same was not true of Reagan (who committed atrocities and this before drones)--or any Republican president, for that matter, but we can trust Obama because.
  I guess, once again, faced with a charismatic Democrat Leftist leader, we as a people just have to decide what the meaning of the word "is" is.
  L.Z. seems to have trouble distinguishing between a "lie" and an "error," as he first explains the Obamacare kerfuffle that is ruining health care and affecting the nation.

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