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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

GOP comeback! Michigan Republicans lead in latest poll

Voter anger over Obamacare has dealt Michigan Democrats a sharp reversal in fortunes. They had hoped to turn out incumbent Governor Rick Snyder and hang onto the senate seat of retiring Carl Levin. In early June Democrat Mark Schauer led Snyder 42% to 38% but the latest PPP poll finds Snyder leading 44% to 40%. Snyder's approval / disapproval numbers are nothing to write home about at 42%-49% but they have improved since June and are, if his leads holds, good enough to win with. Somewhat popular Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land edges out Democrat Gary Peters 42% to 40%. In June Peters led 42% to 38%.
On Obamacare 48% of voters disapprove while only 34% approve.

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  1. Snyder isn't the most conservative governor either. He's a former Gateway guy whose primary goal has been to focus on jobs, but he's bucked conservatives on several occasions. The greater disappointment for us has been Ohio Governor John Kasich.