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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Obamacare will sell itself. Sure it will.

Americans are not eager for subsidized insurance. Forget what they tell the pollsters. Actions speak louder than words and the unspoken refrain is no thank you. Even in liberal California political dogma is subordinated to personal finance. The Obama administration boasts that 107,000 have enrolled in Cover California. Big deal. As of January 1, 800,000 Californians will lose the insurance they were promised they could keep. Another Obama promise that failed to materialize is that most purchasers of health insurance on the exchanges would get a subsidy. The state has 2.5 million uninsured and one study estimates that 1.4 million would qualify for a subsidy This begs the question why if subsidized insurance is so great are only 107,000 people are taking advantage of the plentitude. Maybe Adam Levine can help them sort that out but in the meantime left without the sagacious advice from the glitterati Californians evidently prefer to be uninsured.
California is not alone in its rejection of Obamacare and the wonderful subsidies. Kentucky has 646,000 uninsured and an estimated 132,000 eligible for subsidies but it could only write 13,000 policies. New York has enrolled a whopping 45,000 with an uninsured population of about 2 million with some 600,000 eligible for subsidies. The state of Washington reports similar dismal numbers. It enrolled 17,000 out of 960,000 uninsured with about 220,000 eligible for subsidized insurance.
To say that Washington is out of touch with the rest of the nation in understatement. It's not even on the same planet. The dogs will not eat the dog food! Most people, even Californians, understand their personal finances better than even Barbara Boxer or Nancy Pelosi. A few may be smarter than even Barack Obama. It is an inescapable fact that the subsidies are too small to make an impact on many family budgets. If the policy premium has doubled a 10% subsidy won't close the deal.
Does a policy that costs $500 per month with a $6,000 deductible even make sense? One can almost hear people say that they are afraid to commit to a policy as they may get sick and not be able to afford it. If a family must first burn through a $6,000 or even a $12,000 deduction before it gets to use its insurance barring a hospitalization it's an extravagance. The public is rejecting Obamacare on its merits. It knows a good deal when it sees one and it knows Obamacare is for the uninsurable and suckers.

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