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Monday, December 9, 2013

The New Puritans

  Gosh, could these people screw health care up any more than they have? 
  I guess it could only get worse if they started telling the truth about this Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue.
  Oh, wait.
  Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the architects of Obamacare, spilled the beans yesterday in an interview with Fox News's Chris Wallace, by snidely barking that 'Oh, sure, you can keep your doctor if you're willing to pay more for it."
  Load that on top of the news that Obamacare is squeezing out top tier hospitals and doctors for the people who are forced to enroll in it, which will eventually lead to a two tiered health care system where the residents in The Capitol receive the best and the 13 Districts are given little or nothing.
  It's all about cost control, we learn, just as it is in England, the health system Obamacare is modeled after where over 1,000 patients have died of dehydration in the last 10 years.
  Which leads me to my larger point.
  There was a time in this country when being a Democrat meant you actually cared about people and their welfare, or at least you said you did.
  It becomes obvious at some point that much of what politicians want for our lives includes feathering their own nests by passing laws & regulations that increase their power over us.
  That certainly is a description of Obamacare. The (Un)ACA wasn't about care at all. It's about providing a back door--a front door, really-- into the homes of every American.
   That's what the Dodd Frank bill was meant to do.
  Other bills around the country are meant to control what we eat, what we look at on the internet, how and what we shop for, where we spend our money, what we study in school, what we watch on television.
  In fact, very little of what Leftists propose has to do with actually caring about people.
   There was much to admire about the old Puritans who first immigrated to these shores, but they've been widely ridiculed and excoriated by today's so-called scholars, who've decided they were too judgmental, too controlling, too religious.
  And yet today's Leftists have become exactly that. 
  They are the New Puritans--those whose pursed lips, many rules and heavy fists disapprove of just about everything everyone else says and does.
  These New Puritans, unlike the first, care little about God (in fact many are actually hostile toward God) and are intent on forcing Americans to conform to the pattern of behavior they've decided we need, not that they ask the same of themselves.
  I was thinking about this the other day when a friend piously proclaimed that all birth control--including the medical procedure of abortion--should be paid by even those who believe it is murder.
   This person is not well liked, can be cruel and laugh about it and supports Obama like he's God.
  Yet I doubt if this person has ever voluntarily given a penny to any cause such as the Salvation Army, the Cherry Street Mission or even the United Way.
  This person wants the state to control feeding the poor and health care, not realizing that one day this will backfire on even Leftists.
  Leftists have replaced faith in God with a very real and intense faith in the state and it's not outrageous to assert that there's very little "caring" going on when it comes to controlling and snooping the Lives of Others.
  This is all being revealed in a short time; it's difficult to process because it is happening so quickly.
  This blog predicted, now that Obama has achieved his second term, Leftists would go wild--even moreso than when they held the House and the Senate and the presidency--with power, greed and bizarre behavior.
  That thin line of Tea Party House patriots have held back some of the devastation; Obama has decided his way around that is to issue one authoritarian decree after another, usually preceded by a declaration to the true believers that no, he really can't do ___ because our system of government doesn't give him the power to _____.
  This probably had to happen, given the hateful liars who are running our government. People don't like to be controlled this way; they could get away with more when the low information voter and the easily impressionable still thought Obama was about hope.
  Now that the evil of Obamacare--the (Un)ACA protested by the likes of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee--is coming to light, it won't be so easy to maintain the popularity and approval Leftists previously enjoyed.
  They are being revealed for who they really are; even the true believers have to choose the truth or the lie. 
  And that is not a bad thing.


  1. Did you ever read Eric Hoffer? When I saw the link "the true believers" I was expecting a link to him.

  2. Huh, no, I'll look into it. Meanwhile, I added the link to his Wikipedia page. I was thinking about the whole Jim Jones type group think when I wrote that. It amazes me how much Leftists mock Tea Partiers and/or Republicans for group think when they are far, far more inclined to all THINK THE SAME WAY. If anyone strays, they are booted from the main house or howled at in print.

  3. Hoffer actually held a job as a longshoreman in San Francisco. The True Believer was his best book. I knew of him because he was syndicated in our local paper.