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Monday, December 16, 2013

Basking in the warmth of President Selfie's Victory Fund tapestry

  President Selfie's situation continues to deteriorate, Selfie himself apparently unaware of what a bad job he's doing. 
  Nobody told him. Obviously he doesn't watch any news networks because if he did, he might realize that the whole Obamacare debacle is turning into a circus of not-as-funny Monty Python skits.
  We learn that Obamacare officials are willy-nilly withdrawing money from enrollees' accounts.
  Tens of thousands of applicants' papers have not been touched, and those who have had contact with Unaffordable Care Act officials have been encouraged to lie and cheat on applications.
   In fact, the UCA is utilizing untrained "Navigator" volunteers to pass the information from one portal to another.
  Some have had their personal information released into the wild, an increasingly dangerous wild, that is, along with confidential Navigator documents.
  Even New York elite artists and musicians, those condescending privileged tony few who avoid the unwashed masses, are concerned that their health care policies are being trashed, only to be replaced by very expensive policies that benefit gasp! the unwashed masses.
  Who knew?
  Meanwhile, is Obama scrambling? 
  Is he concerned about his drop in popularity? 
  His Rasputin Valerie Jarrett apparently is, so much so that she's booked him to appear in an interview with a Family Feud comedian sycophant.
  Obama himself, not so much.
  In fact, he's installed at the US Embassy in London an image of himself, an image which some call creepy, and an image which the Obamabot sycophants praise. 
  The always kind, compassionate and reasonable Obamabots snark that criticizing their Chosen One reveals that the criticizer is probably "stupidest man on the internet."
  Apparently they don't read David Brooks.
  The artist originally created the tapestry for the Obama Victory Fund, making a limited number available, also noting that Obama was glad to spend an hour and a half--he hung around longer than required-- being photographed, which is more than he spent with Sebelius regarding Obamacare. 
  The artist's tapestry method is described by Wikipedia as "each image is composed of thousands of combinations of woven colored thread."
  Apparently Obama and his people were so taken with it that they decided to acquire one so people in other countries can bask in the warm wonder of Selfie President.
  From ArtInfo:
The President’s sitting is also the subject of a “Talk of the Town” feature in this month’s New Yorker, where Close divulges that Obama willingly stayed 50 minutes later than planned (perhaps in order to avoid a picnic with Congress in the White House backyard) and made a wisecrack about needing to wear his American flag pin, or else people might think he was a socialist.
  So here's the image President Selfie chose to put in the US London embassy a day ago. Judge for yourself, particularly considering PS's place in history.
  The Embassy itself notes that the portrait "casts a warm smile over guests." Note also that the portrait sits between Lincoln and Washington. 
  Fits right in.
  A bit undersized, I'd say.

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