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Friday, December 13, 2013

Caribbean fever hits Minnesota health care exchange

It's a bit awkward posting kind words about Kathleen Sebelius but give the woman credit. At least she does stay on the job. On the state exchanges dereliction of duty seems to be a way of life for the highly paid administrators. In an earlier post I reported that the Cover Oregon administrator had taken sick leave and that the Maryland administrator had been cashiered out following an extended Thanksgiving holiday in the Caribbean. Now MNsure, Minnesota's new health insurance exchange, which has already enrolled 4,478 out of a projected 67,000 total is caught up in another Caribbean vacation controversy. MNsure director April Todd-Malmlov took a two-week vacation to Costa Rica around Thanksgiving while her glitch prone website struggled to maintain a pretense of functionality.
What is it with these ladies and the Caribbean? Sure nobody in their right mind would want to spend the winter in Duluth but she wasn't conscripted into the job. There are only 14 state exchanges and 3 have lazy and incompetent administrators. Heavy on the noblesse and awfully light on the oblige! Unlike her counterpart in Maryland Todd-Malmlov will probably keep her job.

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