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Monday, December 23, 2013

Tour bus safety; a scary disgrace

What is the most dangerous activity you can think of? How about riding a casino tour bus? Original Pechanga first called my attention to the danger with this blog post. Over 100 Injured in FIVE CA Tribal Casino Tour Bus Crashes in The Last FOUR MONTHS.
A Google search of bus crashes finds that just today 13 more were injured as Fox reported; 13 hurt as tour bus crashes on California freeway. On December 19 California recorded a double as one died and 44 were injured in two separate bus crashes. Both buses were headed to or coming from Indian casinos. On September 19, UTSandiego .com head lined ; 8 injured in casino bus crash The post states: "It was the second crash of a casino-bound bus in North County this month."
What goes on here and where is Governor Brown? Over 100 injured and two killed in 5 buses all bound for Indian casinos in a single year and the State of California can't discern a pattern to the mayhem?
To be fair to Governor Brown and the California casinos this appears to be part of a long time epidemic of casino bound bus accidents with plenty of blame to go around in New York, New Jersey and elsewhere. The AP compiled this list way back in 2008.
Some crashes involving casino buses in the past decade:
— Oct. 5, 2008: A casino-bound charter bus from Sacramento, Calif., crashes near Williams, Calif., killing eight people.
— Aug. 11, 2008: A shuttle bus swerves off a freeway near Las Vegas and slams into the center divider, injuring 29 casino and mall employees.
— Aug. 10, 2008: A casino bus full of tourists flips over in a median in Tunica, Miss., killing three people and injuring several others.
— May 17, 2008: A charter bus heading to the gambling town of Laughlin, Nev., overturns on a Mojave Desert freeway near Ludlow, Calif., killing a woman and injuring 22 other people.
— Jan. 17, 2008: A bus carrying workers to a casino on the Nevada-California line crashes into a guardrail and catches fire, injuring 25 people.
— Sept. 23, 2006: A bus returning from a casino rolls onto its side in a construction zone in Wright Township, Mich., injuring 11 passengers.
— Feb. 6, 2006: A bus from New York City to an Atlantic City, N.J., casino crashes through a guardrail and plunges 25 feet, injuring many of 53 passengers.
— March 15, 2005: A bus heading to a casino in Indio, Calif., smashes into a fire truck on a highway, killing one person and injuring 57.
— Oct. 9, 2004: A charter bus crashes in Marion, Ark., killing 14 people who had been headed to a Mississippi casino.
— May 24, 2004: A chartered bus
carrying people back to Houston from a casino at Lake Charles, La., slams into a tractor-trailer near Anahuac, Texas, killing a woman and injuring many other people.
— Feb. 7, 2003: Tour bus taking passengers from New York City to Atlantic City, N.J., falls on its side on a slushy highway, killing two passengers and injuring 28.
— June 4, 2001: A bus carrying senior citizens to an Atlantic City, casino rams into a car on a New Jersey highway, killing the two people in the car and injuring dozens of bus passengers.
— April 9, 2001: A bus traveling from Mexico to a casino in Southern California swerves to avoid an accident, then overturns on a highway east of San Diego, injuring all 35 passengers.
— May 9, 1999: A bus heading to a casino in Bay St. Louis, Miss., runs off a highway on Mother's Day, killing 22 people. Investigators said the driver was impaired by severe medical conditions and use of marijuana and an antihistamine.
— Dec. 24, 1998: A bus headed for Atlantic City casinos skids off a highway and flips over in a ravine on Christmas Eve, killing eight people and injuring 15 others.
One would think by now some politician or some organization would have made an issue of this.

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