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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Woman finds she can't afford affordable health care

This story of false hope and disappointment could well serve as a metaphor for Obamacare writ large. Imagine the embarrassment to Jessica Sanford who was so excited that she could at last afford health insurance for herself and her son  thanks to Obamacare. She was so excited in fact that she wrote a letter to Obama. Obama was so excited to find one person who actually liked his goddam health care plan that he read her letter at his Rose Garden speech promoting Obamacare. Everyone was just so happy. Everyone was just so proud. Now everyone knows why we teach our children fairy tales. We teach our children fairy tales to instill in them a bit of healthy cynicism that they apparently don't learn in journalism school.
The president said Sanford's story was proof, despite the technical problems with the website, that the Affordable Care Act was working. Sorry Mr. President, one of the technical problems with Washington's HealthplanFinder is it miscalculates the tax subsidies. In the end Sanford could not afford the policy but Obama was still able to come to the aid of a fainting woman after he read her letter so the event was not a complete loss.

As bad as all of this sounds it gets worse. Now, not only are Sanford and son not uninsured she must now pay a $95 penalty thanks to her good friend Barack Obama.

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