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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dylan Ratigan has health insurance cancelled

Former MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan has had his insurance cancelled thanks to Obamacare. Now self employed, Ratigan left MSNBC to become a hydroponics greenhouse farmer. It seems that Ratigan was being exploited by what Obama terms a “substandard” insurance policy. The whole individual insurance market in which Ratigan shopped was a scam according to Jay Carney.
“And that market has been like the Wild West. It has been under-regulated, it is the place where Americans have most keenly felt the challenges posed by the insurance system in this country.”
Poor Dylan Ratigan. What would he know about money and insurance? The former Global Managing Editor for Corporate Finance at Bloomberg L.P., Ratigan has developed and launched more than half a dozen broadcast and new media properties. They include CNBC’s Fast Money and Closing Bell, as well as
Naturally Obama and Sebilius  are far more informed than anyone with Ratigan's background.

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