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Sunday, November 3, 2013

NWOCC local candidate endorsements

NW Ohio Conservative Coalition
The Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition (NWOCC) is endorsing the following candidates for elected office:
Mike Bell - Mayor, Toledo
Sandy Spang - City Council, Toledo
Bill Delaney - City Council, Toledo
Tina Henold - Toledo School Board

Jim Matuszak - Perrysburg City Council
Sarah Weisenburger - Perrysburg City Council
Sue Larimer - Perrysburg School Board
Cal Smith - Perrysburg School Board

Robert Densic - Rossford City CouncilTiffany Densic - Rossford School Board

"We feel these candidates will help promote fiscal responsibility and conservative principles in local government", said Linda Bowyer, Chair of the NWOCC board.
Additionally from NWOCC:
  To our supporters, NWOCC offers the following recommendation when at the polls:
Many communities are electing numerous seats, and recommend you only cast votes for candidates you want.
   EXAMPLE - Toledo residents can vote for up to six City council candidates.  However, If you only like Spang and Delaney,  then vote ONLY for those two - do NOT vote for 4 more candidates just because you can vote for up to 6.
   Same with the TPS Board.  You can vote for up to 3 candidates,  However we recommend voting only for Tina Henold, and leave the other two blank.
    We encourage voters to be informed voters.  Do your homework on the candidates and make your own decision.
    Thanks for your continued support of the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition.  Visit our webpage at A complete list of upcoming events is available at

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