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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Only Dems up for re-election "care" about the peasants' woes

  Like the example of the frog stupidly sitting in increasingly hot water, we've become inured to bizarre behavior in the five years (and before) of the Obama administration.
  Why would we want to throw trillions of dollars at "stimulus" programs that did nothing but grease the palms of Obama bundlers?
  Why would we want to throw money at banks, at phony solar companies, at fairly new cars so people will buy even newer ones?
  Who would think that grifter Al Sharpton would be a confidential presidential advisor?
  Now here we are at the brink of the destruction of our health care system.
  Republicans did not sign the law; they fought hard for years to prevent this law from taking effect.
  Suddenly certain Democrats whose numbers are up are getting nervous, joining those whacky Republicans to protest the details of what's happening in the country. Nervous enough to question the bill they couldn't bother to read when they passed it.
  A woman wrote of her gall bladder cancer in the WSJ last week: a White House official mocked her, claiming she was ignorant of why her insurance was canceled.
  Now that's real sympathy.
  Even loyal OFA supporters have had their insurance canceled to be replaced only by enormously more expensive plans that cover less of the necessary and more of the unnecessary.
  We descend further into the bizarre.
  Tom Harkin today said this:
HARKIN: Now, I must say there was a story the other day in the paper about somebody who said, “Now I got — I have to take this policy that covers maternity care. My wife and I are not having more children. Why should I have to have a policy that covers maternity care?” I got to thinking about that. I thought, you know what? Maybe because my wife and I do not have any more children and they are grown up, maybe I should not have to pay property taxes to pay for my local schools. Huh? Why should I worry about it? Maybe only people who have kids going to the public school should pay for it. We are better than that in this country. We are talking about being part of our society. It is to our benefit, my wife and I, to support our local schools because that is our next generation, we want them well taught. Same with health care. It is a values system.
  You can watch it here, if you so desire. Just remember that the Leftist groups are saying this weenie "destroys" the argument that we all should pay for everyone else's maternity care, as if most of America hadn't already had health insurance when Democrats decided to ruin it.
  It's not like we're not already paying for half the world's maternity care so no, Mr. Harkin, that IS who we are and we are better than that.
  We just don't want to pay for Sandra Fluke's contraception, Joe Blow's Viagra and Shawty Lo's 13 baby mamas. Oh, wait. We already are since Shawty Lo was arrested for failure to pay child support.
  What's so galling about this bunch of crooks is that only now when their voters are angry and some Democrats may not be reelected have they gone to the White House to demand that something be done. 
  These despicable creatures suddenly feel highly motivated to demand that something has to be done, dammit, for all those peasants out there who are coming after them with the proverbial pitchforks to which the Puppet President previously referred years ago.
  Even more despicable are the vile and wretched pampered elite Democrats who can't be bothered to worry about flyover country because they're too busy being chauffeured around from one dinner date with lobbyists to another. 
  Where are they?
  1 + 1 still equals two.
  The only Democrats who appear to be concerned are the ones up for re-election.
  Did I mention they're contemptible? reprehensible slimy worms who deserve to go back to living underground?
   Apparently it hasn't occurred to these bimbos that if we decide to pay for cute little Sandra's personal contraception there won't be any funding  left for people who are actually sick?   
  Unlike the Fed, hospitals are limited in resources.
  Yeah. Gotta feeling the Tea Party's gonna grow from here on out.
  How do we explain to our children that we've also mortgaged the nation's future, dooming it to have to make some hard decisions later?

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