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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Post election analysis

  I was pulling for Cuccinelli to win in Virginia but resigned to the fact that the Obama/Clinton machine would roll over him like the rest of the United States.
  And, yes, the shady McAuliffe did win the gubernatorial race in Virginia.
  The bad news is that a win is a win, no matter how they got it, something Leftists have excelled at for decades. 
  That shouldn't be too happy about that dirty win over Cuccinelli who is accused, of course, of being "too radical" by wanting smaller federal government, a balanced budget and believing that the feds should keep their noses out of all our local business.
  Today the RINOs, moderates and WSJ editors are admonishing Republicans not to run conservatives since Christie won handily and Cuccinelli lost.
  The WSJ accuses Tea Partyers of stabbing Cuccinelli in the back by pushing the government shutdown.
  Apparently the WSJ hasn't figured out yet that the government shutdown was over flagrant spending and the Obamacare debacle to come.
  •   Virginia is a part of the D.C. machine, so the shutdown most affected Virginia voters, who blamed it on Republicans.
  • Democrat dirty tricks were everywhere, including robocalls asserted false claims about Cuccinelli and a fake "appearance" by a Cuccinelli look alike, speaking in his name.
  •   It was pretty obvious that the national RINO Republicans ignored Virginia. This is the divide to come between those of us who want fiscal sanity and the RINOs in charge of the party.
  •   McAuliffe and the Obama machine outspent Cuccinelli ($34 million to $14 millon). 70% of the money that poured in from around the nation came from outside Virginia, including from Bloomberg's  gun control group. Do not discount the impact of money in a campaign. We watched this happen in Ohio with SB5 which would have altered unions' relationship with bargainers. The unions started early with tv campaigning, yard signs and bumper stickers. They were everywhere 5 months before the election, yet we heard almost nothing from those who supported abolishing fair share fees. Neither Republicans or conservatives are good at this, preferring to wait until the month before the election when opinions are already formed.
  •   The "libertarian" candidate who drew 6.6% of the vote away from Cuccinelli was funded by an Obama bundler. This tactic was attempted in Michigan; they got caught. Why did no one on the Cuccinelli side catch this? Was it because the Republican establishment simply did not concern itself with the race?
  • With the "libertarian" candidate garnering 6.6% of the vote, Cuccinelli 45.4% and McAuliffe 48%, that's not exactly an overwhelming mandate the way the Left has been crowing in the past few weeks. That the race was even this close was remarkable. How about looking at it this way? McAuliffe, who is being investigated for a number of shady deals, couldn't get above 50%. How is this the blowout the MSM anticipated? Together opposing votes outweighed McAuliffe by 4 percentage points.
  This race was winnable by Republicans, the mainstream establishment of whom ignored Cuccinelli.
  I know one thing.
  When the voters in Virginia start wailing about gun rights, taxes and Obamacare, they will get no sympathy. Though many workers may be safe from the reaches of Obamacare because they are part of a union which will not ruin their health care until after the next election, many others will suffer the consequences of a McAuliffe reign.
  After all, McAuliffe didn't think Obamacare went far enough.


  1. I agree with your analysis but I want to add a couple of points. 1.) While the media were gloating over Cuccinelli's demise, the GOP captured a legislative supermajority. Unless Terry McMandate can recruit a defector or until he can gain some leverage--I think VA's reps serve two year terms--I see nothing but photo ops in his future. That and the fancy title is probably all he wants anyway.

    2.) Some people shrink in defeat and some grow stronger. I liked Cuccinelli before the election but he has grown in stature in my eyes. He never stopped fighting. He did not do a Romney maneuver on abortion. He stood on his principles in defeat. David gave a pack of Goliaths all they wanted. They might someday wish he had won last night's election and limited his influence to the Commonwealth.

    I see a bright future for Ken Cuccinelli.

  2. Wow. I did not realize that. Excellent. It's despicable what the Republican establishment did. Looking at the future, I anticipate their coming after all of us who don't like RINOs, figuratively speaking, we hope.