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Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Health Care Games continue Catching Fire

  So the Thanksgiving document dump includes finding ways to use the IRS to penalize conservatives and Republicans from differing from Dear Leader's version of The Law. ("I'll look into the abuse," he claimed. And then he made it worse.)
  An anonymous Democrat on the Left Coast worries that Dear Leader's fanaticism is leading him to envision himself as a Dicktator.
  Small businesses have been told not to use the online sign up procedure until next November, even as Obama admonishes everyone to check out the massive failure that is the health care website. 
  It'd be nice if they'd get their stories straight. This headline: "White House fears website collapse." which directly contradicts what they've been saying about it being operational in a couple days.   
   "There's no magic button" to get the website working well, considering the stolen HTML code and all, Sebelius weasled in a more articulate moment than her "whatever" snicker at the health care hearings.
   Why doesn't she borrow that magic red button Hillary handed to the Russians?
   They think by pummeling relatives at the Thanksgiving dinner table, Obamacare aka the Unaffordable Care Act will become more successful.
  So the Obama True Believers console themselves, trying to figure it's all going to work out, even while they themselves get screwed. It's ok Obama lied to the True Believers because he couldn't have gotten that mess passed without a few lies, which is no big deal in their universe. 
  But now they're shocked that they have to pay for those lies! So the Leftist national response to getting screwed over health care prices? Find ways to decrease income so others will have to pay the bill.
  Because nothing says success like screwing others more than you got screwed!
  Rather than just enjoy a family holiday, then, Obama encouraged his OFA followers to talk up Obamacare at the dinner.
  In fact, OFA suggests you sign a pledge to make your relatives sign up; they also offer a helpful cheat sheet printout of questions to ask and answers, because, you know, you couldn't think of any of those answers yourself, right?
  You might burn yourself on the turkey and then you'd need health care, eh? You're probably racist because you like white meat but you'll still need those emergency services? Eh.
  If you're really thoughtful, you can deal with your racist Republican relatives by getting in their faces, going extreme or arguing until everyone wants to go home anyway.
  One has to wonder how it feels to always cheat, lie and bully to get what you want, ala the Chicago politics way.
  All of this recalls that a peek into any heart can be scary.
  At last the poll numbers are reflecting what we've all been seeing for a long long time.
  Congratulations, Ohio, you're stepping into the real world.
  Yet one wonders what's wrong with the 34% who approve of the debacle that is the Obama presidency.
  Like the movie "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire", DC has exhibited a remarkable insensitivity to the real needs of Americans. They party on, playing their games, putting their plastic faces merrily in front of the cameras and continue to abuse those "less privileged" than the elite class that lives in and around DC.
  But we in the Heartland continue to survive, love our families and enjoy this day, thanking our God for all He has given us.
 Happy Thanksgiving, America. May we enjoy our liberty for hundreds more years.

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