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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tea Partiers responsible for JFK assassination?? Uh, no.

  So we learn from "academics" (those really, really smart people who know so much more than you about your life) that Tea Partiers have their roots in the assassination of JFK.
  In the 99%  Leftist WaPo, we read that any political disagreements with the Saintly Democrats can lead to very dangerous situations and are subsequently the cause of Obama's troubles as well as JFK's assassination:
It was fueled then, as now, by billionaires opposed to federal oversight, rabid media, Bible-thumping preachers and extremist lawmakers who had moved far from their political peers. In 1963, that strident minority hijacked the civic dialogue and brewed the boiling, toxic environment waiting for Kennedy the day he died.
  Warner Todd Huston has an historical response to that libelous supposition.
  So remember. 
  Never disagree with a Tea Partier, er. I mean.

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