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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another Illegal Obamacare Fix Coming?

We have to break the law to save it. That appears to be the position Obama is taking as he circles the drain in his self inflicted death spiral which promises to be the mother of all swirlies. Why should congressional Democrats have bothered to read the Obamacare law since they knew the president felt no obligation to follow it? Obama's latest planned assault on democratic government and the rule of law is his apparent intention to pay tax subsidies on insurance policies not purchased on the health care exchanges. The language of the law is quite clear and any granting of subsidies to policies not purchased on the exchanges is clearly illegal.
One can only assume that this impetuous lawlessness on behalf of the professor of constitutional law is calculated to buy time as any court challenge would nullify it. Not only is action illegal it is downright sneaky. Suppose a person purchases a policy directly from an insurance company on the president's assurance that he or she will receive a tax subsidy black letter law notwithstanding and the courts order the law to be enforced. The person who acted in good faith will be denied the promised subsidy but what is one to expect from the president who promised that if you like you insurance you can keep it?

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