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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

106,185 Enroll in Obamacare. What a joke!

The Obamacare numbers came in a bit low. Well maybe more than a bit low. Actually they were terrible. The figures released today of 106,185 who have selected a plan but may not have yet paid a premium represents about one fifth of the number HHS had forecast for the first month. The figure is the total of the 36 states served by as well as the states that run their own websites. Of that number only 26,794 signed up through while 79,391 signed up on state exchanges.
The enrollment in private plans amounts to 1.5 percent of a forecast 7 million people who were expected to sign up by the time enrollment ends on March 31. In context it means it achieved 1.5% of its goal using up 23.6% of it allotted time. In contrast about 5 million have lost their insurance plan or about 50 times the number who have enrolled. Making 50 voters angry for each voter pleased is not a formula for political success.

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