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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Suddenly Ted Cruz looks brilliant

  Ho ho ho. Here we go.
  Our nation's First Black President obeyed the floodgates to criticism of the nation's Second Black President.
  Now DiFi has thrown in her support.
  And Democrats have given Obama 72 hours to fix the Stink Bomb.
  They're in full revolt, their dreams of Single Payer health care slipping from their greedy fingers.
  Does anyone really think Obama will repeal it?
  If he tries to delay any part of the law, the whole thing could go down, considering that the finances were based on lots and lots of young healthy people signing up immediately to support all us old geezers.
  Next year the business mandate goes into effect, after the 2014 elections. Another stinker just before the number two arrives.
  The rumor is that Obama will propose throwing yet more money at the people whose policies have been canceled.
  And where will that money originate? 
  Now, keeping in mind that Cruz et al tried their dangdest to stop it, what will Democrats do? 
  It was the Horror of the World that Cruz et al wanted to stop Obamacare and get our finances in order a few weeks ago but here the Democrats are proposing, um, the same thing.
  And after joking last night that Obama ought to go smoke the Toronto Mayor's crack pipe, Carville is on Kelly File tonight claiming that people lose their policies all the time.
   Meh. Who cares about 5% of the country anyway? Democrats? Anyone?
  Hey, where's that old bottle of Scotch. 
(One hopes the Republicans will push for repeal, not delay.)

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