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Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Unaffordable Care Act (UCA) debacle continues

  It's beyond my small world to understand why Democrats are moving from calling the health care mess  Obamacare to the ACA, or the "Affordable Care Act."
  Leftists think they have temporarily solved their problem by moving the employer mandate imposition to after the 2014 elections; I have to wonder (no, I BELIEVE) that this will only make that election even more of a high stakes game.
  Could they have driven a more ideological stake into the heart of that election? Think of the opportunity! 
  "Gonna vote for a Democrat? Vote for higher health care rates. Vote to destroy the health care system. Vote to ruin the economy."
  Oh, yeah. Gonna happen. They figure they at least have a chance, then, to win a few seats. I sorta don't think so.
  But now we learn that the pejorative "Obamacare" name which Obama himself embraced is being phased out to embrace the more current "Affordable Care Act" name. From Politico:
Calling it the Affordable Care Act has advantages for Democrats seeking to defend health care reform while still criticizing the bungled White House rollout. The phrase polls better than Obamacare — and people have responded more positively to the law’s benefits when they haven’t been told they come from Obamacare.
  Yet moving to the ridiculously and ironically named "Affordable Care Act" is also political suicide.
  It's anything but affordable and every time media and the White House reference it only rubs salt in the wound created by the huge bills the Unaffordable Care Act imposes, not to mention the limited health care benefits.
  Couple that with the terrible economy and the economic devastation the UCA was designed to accelerate and the Leftists have a  real problem.
  So join with me in referencing this ridiculous bill as the "UCA."
  It's almost as bad for Democrats as the term "Obamacare."

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