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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The website stinks: now make the argument

  I have a (former) friend who mocked a solicitation phone call she received during the Ted Cruz stand down. "They're complaining about those phony death panels again. Geez. There's no such thing but they can't seem to figure it out!" she gruffed.
  I pointed out to her that her Leftist heroes Paul Krugman and Robert Reich advocate for death panels unelected government panels who get to decide what "services" to provide. Considering Leftists cut half the Medicare budget,GEEZ, I wonder who'll be the first to not receive medical treatment.
  Strangely, my (former) friend went silent when I pointed out that her heroes want her dead.
  (I can only imagine a few years on the future. 
  You know those softly informative government PSAs that tell you to be
  or Could I have
  Do you know how much your mailman mail person cares about you, especially since the Post Office is broke and hanging on to jobs no matter how much it costs you, the taxpayer?
  In the future of my mind, I can hear the peaceful music, see the soft focus lens on the elderly face and the calming voice intoning:
"Now it's time to make that final decision, we're here to help. Make the appointment for your last injection at a government Death Panel Final Decision Clinic now. We're always here to help! and save money by killing you rather than treating your cold because there are too many baby boomers and nobody has jobs anymore so we have to figure new way to save money.)
  Now a writer at Slate points out that Canada has death panels-and that's a good thing.
  You see how quickly the discussion moves from "Sarah Palin is nuts there's no such thing as a death panel" to "Meh. We knew that all along but were willing to crucify her to avoid telling you the truth that we just really want you to Die! Die Quickly!"
  But no worries.
  Slate assures us that only "wise community members"--maybe the unpleasant ones like my (former) friend, will most likely make the decision about who gets to live or die:
Yet, the question remains: Who decides? Remember that, outside of Ontario, the resolution of these end-of-life disputes is generally reserved for judges. Ontario has simply replaced them with experts and wise community members. That’s a lead other jurisdictions should consider following when families’ emotions and doctors’ judgments collide.
Perhaps it is easier for Canadians to trust government-appointed panels, rather than judges, with decisions like these. For reasons that arguably go back to our respective foundings, Canadians tend to have more faith in our government and our bureaucratic processes than Americans do in theirs.
  Today's WSJ has another somber evaluation of what Obamacare aka The Unaffordable Care Act. It's a pretty depressing and realistic take by a doctor on what's down the road for all of us with regard to health care.
  Don't read it if you're easily depressed.
  Now, we have to deduce at this point, that Republicans are really, really stupid when it comes to tactics and strategy. The establishment Republicans care most about staying in office, yielding themselves the perks of office, including really good health care.
  Why they can't make the case that Ted Cruz was right is beyond me.
  Now that Leftists have confessed that the Unaffordable Care Act is just a "small government program" that is transforming 1/6 of the American economy and its disastrous effects are out there, we can actually do something about this mess.
  Personally I think it's absolutely great that the political motivations of health care decisions are being exposed.
  After all, if Obama and his robots will let a nightmare of a website go online just because they didn't want to appear to be letting Republicans have a win regardless what a nightmare it is and how bad it is for the public, we can really make the argument.

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