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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


  I'll be honest.
  I can barely watch the man who purports to be president of all these states anymore. 
  His strutting, the intensely staccato speech, the confused stammering, the sincere blinky vacant eyes, the tensely wound curve of the shoulders and then the lecture.
  Why you're wrong if you disagree with him.
  Why he's having trouble being patient with you.
  Why everything you think was hatched in a bad place while his communist parents gave him the true values that explain and underpin America.
  Why you've fallen short of his expectations.
  Why you haven't accepted government largesse as the others have.
  Why are you fighting him? 
  The problem is that he lies. Not just once or twice, but repeatedly. As I said in this post, I used to think the Obama Way (aka Cloward Piven) was Orwellian.
  For example, the Obama Way is to do something he knows is naughty, then claim you (the opposition) are guilty of what he just did.
  The best example of this is the bullying campaign upon which Obama people have embarked. Have there ever been bigger and more powerful government bullies than these people? And if you dare ask a question or support a different opinion, you are subject to IRS abuse, being abandoned in a firefight or stuck in jail for the "crime" of producing a scapegoat video.
  So when an event like yesterday's fainting woman episode happens, I'm skeptical that it's real.
  I mean seriously. How many times has this happened, where someone in Obama the Healer's audience passes out because of heat/hysteria/adoration/illness?
  A Google search with the terms "Obama woman faints" returned 188,000 entries. It seems that every time Obama needs a boost from the Bots somebody dramatically faints for him as he concernedly projects healing.
  This latest one is pretty, pretty odd.
  You can see the greasy haired woman behind him bob and weave; no one standing next to her seems to notice. At all.
  Yet Obama presciently turns around dramatically just as she starts to fall. (To say he has eyes in the back of his head increases the creepiness.)
  The phony promotion of the Obamacare website is exemplified by the fact that only 3 of the people in the personal props he has behind him at the news conference had actually enrolled; one said it took 7 hours on the phone.
  Then the phone number Obama handed out "1-800-F1UCK-YO"-turned out to not work; when it did, the operators said, "Hey! I don't know why you're calling me! Check out the website!"
  Hannity even talked to someone who said no one really likes this.
  Now we're treated to the sight of Sebelius slinking from her house, speechless, to skitter into her chauffeur driven government issued SUV.
  You know. Just like any criminal.
  So yeah. The idea that this woman actually was starting to faint and was saved by Barack-eyes-in-the-back-of-his-head Obama is to me unlikely and, like most of the staging around Obama, not real.
  Just sayin.'

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