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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Obama is upside down in latest NBC/WSJ poll

The government shutdown and the disastrous Obamacare rollout have driven Obama's numbers to a new low in the NBC/WSJ poll. Only 42% of respondents, approve of the job he is doing as opposed to 51% who disapprove. Not only does the public not much like the job he is doing it doesn't much like him either. For the first time in this poll, Obama’s personal ratings are upside-down, with 41 percent viewing him a favorable light and 45 percent viewing him negatively. The poll of 800 adults-not registered voters-was conducted from October 25 to October 28, meaning that the impact of millions of Americans losing their health insurance and Obama's frequent lies that they would not is not factored in to the results. His approval rating of 42% represents a 5 point slip since the last poll.
Yes, he came through the shutdown better than House Republican but not overwhelmingly so. Interestingly the Tea Party Republicans in Congress came through the battle better than the generic House RINO's and not much worse for wear than the exalted leader himself. If the last NBC/WSJ poll was a wake up call for the Tea Party this poll should be a wake up call for everyone else.

In a Rasmussen Poll of likely voters 42 % think the Obama’s views are closest to their own when it comes to the major issues facing the country. But just as many again, 42% say their views come closest to those of the average Tea Party member instead. Thirty-four percent (34%) now believe their personal views are closest to those of the average member of Congress when it comes to the major issues of the day. But slightly more (36%) say their views are closest to those of the average member of the Tea Party.

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