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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Politician: it's all good! Obamacare's a success!

  There has to be some element of truth for today's political leaders to be considered Orwellian.
  Instead we have some absolute liars who are completely naked in front of the world and can't seem to feel any breezes up their hind ends cooling their private parts.
  Thus we come to the sad situation of Henry Nostrilamus Waxman, who is claiming that Obamacare has already proven to be a great success. Waxman's supposition is based on such facts as free birth control, pushed by Sandra Fluke, the Obama operative who was attending Georgetown where she was paying at least $75,000 a year in tuition but couldn't afford to buy birth control.
  All the "goodies" of Obamacare are built into the front end, thereby making it more enticing to the public and pushing the cost back after the next election.

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