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Monday, October 7, 2013

Obamacare online training's down too

  I've been too furious to post on my blog. Perhaps that's immature of an elderly citizen like me, but it's the truth.
  To say the last week has been chaos politically is an understatement.
  Let's just start with the Obamacare debacle.
  I figured the website would stink but watching it underperform has become really, well, funny.
  We saw all the comments--mostly from conservative organizations but some from the MSM--last week about how the website was down so often.
  I just figured today, Monday of the second week it's open, it would be different.
  But, meh, no.
  So I trotted on over there to see what was up. This is a screen capture of what's going on at healthcare.GUV today when you try to look at Ohio's page:
  Really? 8:00 a.m. and Ohio's not working?
  So I tried Michigan: it too was down. I went back a few minutes later and it was up.
  Then I tried California & DC, for which the health care provides only links.
  Except the links don't go anywhere.
  Reuters actually investigated the problems with a number of IT people who believe that the website architecture is wrong. Too many things try to load at once when you hit "apply" which sends the website connections into a spiral.
  And why did HHS select a Canadian company to build the website? That would be because that company built the website for their single payer system, which is somehow the ideal system in the minds of the Obamabots.
  And we've heard all the horror stories about the "navigators"' lack of background check, experience or skill. Is it possible that the government will select identity stealers, given the lack of security in the website and its "navigators"?
  In Toledo, we hear the problems extend to the lack of available training for the trainers.
  From the Toledo Blade, we learn that the soon-to-come 18 "navigators" in Toledo are learning their trade through online training--which is, of course, often inaccessible:
Doni Miller, Neighborhood Health Association’s chief executive officer, said federal funds to hire and train navigators were very slow in coming and were released just a few weeks ago.
[SNIP] Navigators will have to be trained and certified before they can begin assisting people and there were some glitches today in the training process.
“We are having trouble accessing the training Web site right now,” Ms. Miller said. "Everyone is trying to get on. I don't think anyone anticipated the amount of access that would be attempted on this first day. Its just crashed essentially today.”
  So there you have it. In Toledo the training's also online and is about accessible as the application process. One can only imagine the frustration of trying to train online (which is pretty darn annoying & ineffective anyway) only to find the website available periodically.
   And there's this reminder.
  Out potus keeps saying Republicans have no right to change or alter a law that was passed by Congress, signed by him and approved by the Supreme Court.
  Do they ever remind themselves that Obama & his bots have illegally changed the law at least 17 times that we know of? 
  Yet it's so ridiculous for Republicans (or whoever) to want to hold off on implementing this nightmare because it's such a mess?
  Yeah, really.
  So that's all the complaining I can muster for now and only because Obamacare has become such a circus that's it's really--almost--funny.
  When I calm down, I might have a few remarks on the shutdown.
  Now picture me screaming. And throwing something at my computer.


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  2. Do you realize that to achieve the goal of 7 million by March feds and states combined must average 38,888 per day? How many of those who signed up will just be jammed onto Medicaid? That's okay for the recipient as long as he never has to use it but it's not the same thing as selling an insurance policy. I was watching C-span when Congressman Jim Himes boasted Connecticut signed up 167 people the first day. I about fell out of my chair that at the thought he could think that was something to brag about. By the end of the week we should know more but we could be seeing one huge flop. The penalty is way too low to achieve compliance and the prices are too high.

  3. And, of course, they've confiscated HALF the Medicare funding to get this SHAMU off the beach. All I can hope is that it fails so badly initially that changes have to be made. What a mess. And all because Leftists want control of our health care. Well, they've got it. Now what will they do about it?

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