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Friday, October 18, 2013

Presidential whining makes my ears bleed

  It's almost like I am having an allergic reaction to politics these days; the source of the allergy is a particularly nasty ragweed named Barack Obama.
  All the little dust mites, poison ivies and nematodes that circulate in the ragweed's universe have come crashing in on my world, causing my metaphorical skin to blister and my poor fevered brain to bubble.
  I was working around the house the other day, listening to the calming baritone of WJR's Frank Beckmann; my ears pricked when a nasal, scolding voice interrupted dear old Frank, whining about bullies, bloggers and community activists who transgress the bounds of decency.
  What, I think. Frank's letting a guest complain about Obama, who's the biggest bully running a scam of a community group named ACORN Obama for America Obama for Action.
  Then as my ears started bleeding, I realized the whining condescending voice WAS Obama, who was up to his usual business of bragging that he had won to people who had also won elections from their constituents.
  Fortunately when you're listening to the radio, you don't have to look at Barack Hussen Obama's smug mug as he digs the knife deeper into the backs of his "enemies": defined, "enemies" are the taxpayers and legislators and even justices who do not agree with the pompous popinjay named Barack Obama.
  I wonder what his childhood was like; I'm figuring, unlike my childhood, he got everything he wanted, was petted like a favored snooty cat who couldn't bother to return the affection. I mean, raised by indulgent communist grandparents who were afraid of black people (according to their grandson) had to be a trip, right?
  Yes, following politics these past two week was pretty close to unbearable.
  And now the gloating begins, leading with Pelosi's wide eyed vacant hand clapping admiration for the once errant naughty conservatives.
  So, yeah, that was just great having to listen to Barack Hussein Obama lecture all of us like he effing knows what he's doing, other than the destruction of America, which is obviously his intent.
  I'm thinking lots of prayers need to fly upward these days.
  I'm also thinking that maybe the only thing that will save us (other than divine intervention in which I entirely believe) is the fact that so many other countries are in just as bad shape as us.
  To drive us toward the seventeen trillion dollar debt hole is unconscionable, and by 2016 we'll be closer to 20 trillion.
  Soooo that's not so far away, kiddies, and I"m likin' Governor Perry's new campaign and advocacy group  . The long knives are out for it already with accusations of lack of transparency and "dark money" being funneled through so I figure it must be a good deal.
  And, hey, it's not like we're not used to a lack of transparency these days.
  Know what I mean?
'So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."


  1. I never considered that Jay Gatsby and Barack Obama are parallel characters. The name changes and the Midwesterner who encounters a strange culture back East. The pomp and excess to impress a love interest.

    Thanks for pointing out the similarities.

  2. I record and watch old episodes of Touched by an Angel and Family Ties. I limit my channel news programs to Bret Baier. The constant and strident rhetoric is worse than factory noise! I think soon we will all have a belly laugh at Obamacare. Did you know that they projected to have 496,000 people enrolled by the end of the month?

    1. I think you're right, Hoosierman, and as I predicted we are watching the greedy SOBs rush to their own destruction. I was thinking I'd be able to at least not hate it when it happens (the immolation of Leftists) but I find I really do hate it all. They're so unconcerned about the imminent destruction of our economy that it nauseates me. Plus the smugness. Oy, the smugness.