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Thursday, October 31, 2013

6 people enrolled in Obamacare Oct. 1

  So you may be wondering why the CMS administrator Tavener being grilled by the House was smiling a sly Mona Lisa smile when asked how many people enrolled in Obamacare.
  Well, now we know.
  As of 10/2, 6 people--that is SIX PEOPLE--had enrolled in Obamacare.
  Delaware signed up 1 by October 16.
  Arkansas had signed up 7 and that revolutionarily progressive state of Wisconsin had signed up a whopping total of 50. That's FIFTY.
  This probably explains why Medicaid enrollments are soaring.
   I predicted we'd be watching a progressive crackup of arrogance and overreaching grabbing of personal liberties. So here we go.
  But wow.
  This new info is quite--uh--unbelievable.
  Except that we know what this president is capable of.

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  1. Did it again. Repeated your post but I got it fixed.