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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Govt phone line: 1-800-FU%$YO

  With all the excitement today at the Capitol, let's not miss this incredible bit of information, as reported by The Daily Caller and Glenn Beck:
Need health insurance? The Obama administration has you covered. Simply dial 1-800-FUCKYO to reach the next available health-care provider.
Far from being a mistype, that’s the official number that Health and Human Services wants Americans to dial when seeking health care. Obamacare’s national call center really did list its number as 1-800-318-2596, helpfully spelling out President Barack Obama’s tendency to blatantly flip the bird in plain view.
  An accident?
  Certainly not.
  These people are walking a fine line now, taunting their "enemies" (aka American citizens) and pushing as hard and far as they can without another uprising.
  We've written before about Obama's tendency to flip people off, especially when talking to his fans about someone like his opponent (Hillary?). He thinks it's clever.
  The Leftists in this country get more bizarre every day, as we predicted. 
  They're clever.
  About as clever as Ed Schultz, who created a fictitious website for "disciples" of Glenn Beck:  
“If you are a Glenn Beck disciple and you hate President Obama,” Schultz said, “then the website would be”

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