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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

They'll do anything to win

  So we were told a year ago that Obama and his ilk are ready to do anything to win; Occupy was part of the plan but that disappeared.
  Now we're seeing the whole garden of deceptions, cheating, lying and pettifoggery blossom.
  Most outrageous is the administration's blatant use of taxpayer dollars to bribe defense contractors to not tell their employees right before the election they're going to be laid off in in January, as required by law, a law passed by those very politicians.
  So the politicians pass a law to make sure companies give 2 months notice of layoffs. It's their rule; they considered it so important and essential to workers that they wrote and passed this law, which allows the workers to sue the company if they lay them off without that 60 day notice.
  So Obama's people tell the companies the government (ie taxpayer dollars) will pay for the lawsuits which will surely be filed against their companies by defying the law and not informing employees. 
  Our taxpayer dollars used to pay off Obama bribes so he'll be able to get reelected.
  Blatant and immoral hypocrisy. Thus we see that the laws they pass are immaterial; they don't really care about people, their livelihoods, doing what's right or even the economy of the United States with regard to wasteful spending.
  They have indeed become the ruling class.
  And companies like Lockheed Martin have fallen in line, did what Obama wants.
  Then the corrupt media runs a poll about swing state leanings because, if you'll remember, the "big mo" is what's important in a presidential race. That is, where the momentum is heading for politicians. Whoever has momentum will win.
  So let's increase the momentum for the guy we want to win.
  Washington Post happened to be the perpetrator of this atrocity; by claiming that they had polled swing states, which showed an eleven point lead for Obama, they were trying to establish their guy as a clear frontrunner.
  Unfortunately, a look at the internals of the poll revealed that, well, of the approximately 950 voters polled, only about 20 swing state voters per state were actually polled
This same media is using their national microphone to report as fact an 11 point lead for Barack Obama in swing states based on a twenty voters per state? Pardon my language but ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME?
But I damn well know you can’t judge a lead in swing states based on a sample so small per state that it couldn’t fill the 5th street diner.
  You're a fool if you believe the MSM is conspiring against conservatives and Republicans.
  In case you weren't convinced yet of this "media malpractice" take a look at this Politico piece, which goes waaaaay into lala land with their theory about wacky Joe Biden:
Women born before the baby boom generation seem to have a collective crush on a handsome vice presidential candidate with piercing blue eyes and a wide smile who likes to talk about government benefits for seniors. No, not Paul Ryan. 
Joe Biden’s bringing sexy back — to the Medicare-eligible set — and that could be valuable for a president who trails Republican rival Mitt Romney with women of a certain age despite having a wide advantage with their 18- to 65-year-old counterparts.
  Ok, now, who's going to BELIEVE this?
  Does this dodo writer actually think that the 60s generation, the hippies, the totally "cool" generation, even women, would FALL for THIS guy?
  The gaffe master? The plagiarist? This cheese ball, aka Plugs?
  Joe Biden? Sex symbol?
  Now you've gone too far.

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