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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Obama: the phony's phony

  I can barely watch The One, who proclaims cockily that he is just a fair debater, as opposed to Romney who's a "good debater."
  Ooo, he's downplaying his rhetorical ability, which everyone knows is his strongest political weapon.
  We all know what this is. 
  He loves himself. 
  He loves his crooning. 
  He loves his passionate teleprompter speaking, staring meaningfully into the camera, his stern blinky-blinky version of the blue steel gaze, drawing in the gullible, sucking them into Obamaworld, where everything's free and easy, where everyone loves each other as long as they're liberal and where there are no meanies who want to make people stop spending money they don't have.
  So we've been enduring the hundreds of polls telling us that Romney's a loser and that no one can beat  the unbeatable Obama. Unfortunately the truth came out in a court the other day when a pollster admitted he basically lies to get the results the candidate wants. Politico:
The business I'm in is a business any fool can get into, and a lot can happen. I'm sure there was a poll like that," the folksy Hickman told jurors when first asked about a poll showing the race tied. "I kept up with every poll that was done, including our own, and there may have been a few that showed them a tie, but... that's not really what my analysis is. Campaigns are about trajectory, and... there could have been a point at which it was a tie in the sense that we were coming down, and Obama was going up, and Clinton was going up."
  For these weak minded out there, perhaps those rich (and often nasty) movie stars who love Obama will persuade you to vote for the Great One. Maybe you too need to be on meds to support this guy. 
  For sure, your lady parts need to be on meds to support the poseur who dwells in the White House.
  Of course, you're stupid if you vote Romney. The pretty Longoria thinks you are extremist if you vote for Romney. Sheryl Crow says we Tea Partiers are stupid and don't know what we're mad about (demeaning). Toledo's Steinem thinks insults women by saying that you're just following what Republican men want if you vote for them.
  So sink lower and lower, Obamabots.
  We're all that more determined to get help for you. 
  So you won't feel sorry for yourselves anymore.
  And so you'll learn there's a great deal of freedom in independence from the government.

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