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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Tea Party will be watching tonight's debate

  While the media is breathlessly anticipating tonight's debate, we need to keep in mind a few things about what's happening in the media.
  As usual, only liberal progressives have been "chosen" to "moderate" the debate, Jim Lehrer being tonight's.
  From Breitbart, we see an expose of Lehrer's previous debate behavior. Most interesting is a comparison of Lehrer's version of a previous debate with reality.
  Here's the link. I removed the video because it plays automatically.
  Other debate "moderators" include Martha Raddatz, Candy Crowley and Bob Schieffer, all of whom have established their progressive bona fides.
  Martha Raddatz, who conveniently forgot to mention all the military Republican voters in a 2008 piece, was married for years to wildly progressive Obama official Jules Genachowski, who's eager to regulate the internet and radio.
  CNN's Candy Crowley who claimed that the choice of Paul Ryan was a "political death wish."
  Bob "Donald Trump is a racist" Schieffer, 
  Of course, the person in charge of picking "moderators" is Mike McCurry. Remember him? Bill Clinton's spokesman? 
  In fact, the nine people on the Commission's board are progressives.
  In fact, the "beards" progressives to whom attach themselves to cover their own progressive liberalness include organizations they've formed like Politifact Ohio, which determines what's true and what's not true.
  Politifact Ohio is run by extreme leftists who, like Journolist, get to decide "truth" based on their own political leanings. One frequent Politifact Ohio said this (and more over here):
In short, the modern conservative movement’s leaders consist of those who despise working people, those who proudly defend America’s horrible racist legacy, the worst of the religious fanatics, and all those who wish to preserve America as an all-white, fundamentalist Christian patriarchy.
  To mitigate the fact that everyone, even some Democrats, has noticed the media bias this time around, a New York Times writer wrote a piece complaining that it all bored him so much, this idea of media left skewed bias. 
  He's tired of hearing it. "Tired cries of bias don't help Romney" explores why conservatives are freakin' mad about press coverage.
No, in their view, the mysterious drop can only be explained by the fact that the mainstream media have their collective liberal thumb on the scale, in terms of coverage and, more oddly, polling.
  Carr goes on to explain that Romney had a couple of bad weeks, including the illegally posted private conversation in which Romney said as a candidate he didn't have to worry about trying to convince the Obamabots and which Leftists have claimed indicate he doesn't "care" about half the population.
  Those two weeks Carr is referring to?

  •   An American ambassador was murdered, along with 3 other Americans.
  •   Protection was requested on numerous occasions but denied but the Obama administration.
  •   The Middle East is on fire, with many American embassies under attack.
  •   Obama parties on, begging for money, laughing with movie stars.
  •   The military deaths in Afghanistan surpassed 2000.

  Yet Romney had a bad two weeks.
  And Mr. Carr seems absolutely ignorant of the absolute collapse of the Obama foreign policy, thus ignorantly proving the point conservatives have been making.
  The problem is, Leftwingers, we're onto ya.
  What will WE be watching for?
  Obama's a narcissistic prick who doesn't like to be challenged. 
  He loses his mojo when he has no teleprompter, though he's probably already been apprised of tonight's questions, given the political makeup of the "moderators."
  Watch for the arrogance to emerge.
  Watch for the rise of the voice, the stuttering, the lifted chin as he waits for applause for his latest proclamation.
  Yeah, tonight's a drinking game for sure.

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