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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wendy Davis showcases the sleazy side of Feminism

It's not the attack ads from Greg Abbott's campaign that have Wendy Davis doing damage control today but rather a damning article in the Dallas Morning News that reveals what an incredibly gold digging slut the Democratic candidate for Texas governor actually is. Scarlett O'Hara was a Girl Scout compared to this tramp. When Wendy Davis met Jeff Davis she was not living in a trailer park as her highly fictionalized biography states but was living with her daughter in an apartment. The trailer park thing fascinates me. When Davis relayed that she once lived in a trailer park she became a true feminist success story. When Paula Jones lived in a mobile home she was called trailer trash.
Jeff Davis, 12 years older than Wendy, was a successful lawyer when they met. She was attending Texas Christian University on an academic scholarship, Pell grant and student loans. “It was community resources. We paid for it together,” said Wendy.
Jeff Davis paid for her last two years at TCU and then cashed in his 401K to send her through Harvard Law School. He cared for her daughter and their daughter while she at Harvard. After graduation they practiced title law together briefly then Wendy moved out a leaving Jeff to care for the kids again.
And timing! What timing!
“It was ironic,” said Jeff. “I made the last payment, and it was the next day she left.” He was referring to the loan debt she had incurred at Harvard. And guess who took care of the kids again?  The original divorce filing contained allegations of adultery on Wendy's part but there is no mention of it in the final settlement that left Jeff,  once again, to care for the daughters from both her marriages. Wendy just isn't into to parenting. “She said, ‘I think you’re right; you’ll make a good, nurturing father. While I’ve been a good mother, it’s not a good time for me right now.’”
Was there ever a good time for Wendy to be a mother?

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