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Monday, January 13, 2014

No glass ceiling! keep your sex chat website, your escort service, and your college administrator job

If a male college administrator were running a phone sex, escort service, peep show enterprise feminists would discover a culture of sexism that threatened not only women but the entire university system but when the offender is a woman, the university can find no wrong doing and the woman keeps her $68,000 per year job. Resa Cooper-Morning did all of that but the University of Colorado can do little but wring its hands.
‘The University does not condone Ms. Cooper- Morning’s activities, but under the law, there are limits on actions that employers can take regarding off-duty conduct of employees. In the absence of additional information, Ms. Cooper- Morning remains employed by the University.’
Let me see if I have this right. High schools monitor social media sites to track down students who bully other students away from school but the University of Colorado sees nothing wrong with an employee pimping herself out as long as she does it on her own time.


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