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Sunday, January 19, 2014

My eyes bleed! watching an Obamacare marathon

  I must admit when I predicted that watching Leftists beclown themselves as they drink the nectar of power I never thought it would be so agonizing and such an assault on the sensibilities.
  If you can ignore the viciousness of some of what's happening such as the comments of Governor of the People of New York except if they're pro-life, pro-2nd amendment or pro traditional marriage Andrew Cuomo, it's almost funny because it's so unbelievable.
  If you have a really sick, juvenile sense of humor, you hate true comedy, and you're into cult worship, you might really love the way Covered California---utilizing an $80 million federal grant---chose to advertise Obamacare in a six hour display of what can only be described as breathtaking, bearing in mind that this is an appeal to young people.
  You'll note Covered California disable the YouTube comments for this performance. 
  You might remember other attempts to advertise Obamacare included appealing to our higher instincts with Brosurance and Hosurance models posing with kegs of beer and Susie & Nate: Hot to Trot! Let's get physical!
  My friends, put aside any aversion you might have for Richard Simmons' hairplugs, his baggy red tights and muck luck black ankle shoes.
  Take pleasure with the purposely androgynous young person yukking it up with Simmons. It's the latest fashion to appear to have no gender and, above all, Covered California wants to be fashionable. (Update: Apparently it's called pansexual. Who knew?)
  And really, really dig the serpentine performance of the guy in the mom jeans who ducks and quivers with joy just to be in the presence of the famed Richard Simmons, at one point laying his head near, of all things, Richard Simmons's crotch.
  At best, these "performances" by the "actors" make junior high videos look stately. 
  At worst, they whiff of those distasteful, tipsy, giddy 8 mm filmstrips of covertly sexual group antics filmed in the aunt's basement in the fifties.
  Some quotes from the "performances" are included for your reading pleasure.
  My friends, this is comedy gold.
I drink my own sweat.
Get covered.
I'm gonna get sick! IS there a vomit bag like on the airplane?
Get covered and this could be YOU!
Who knew health insurance could be so much fun?
How do ya get outta here?
  Enjoy, as those twenty somethings so often say. Enjoy.

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