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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Is Harry Reid on his way out?

  A mysterious blogger named Ulsterman has speculated about many developments in the Obama administration and Democrats. He/she has been right about many things, including the all-out Chicago thug approach to politics as it developed as Obama became more of a loser in the eyes of the public.
  Of course, it's dangerous and often foolish to believe anonymous sources but this rumor is particularly schadenfreudelicious.
  Harry Reid's erratic and malicious behavior has become increasingly bizarre over the years. Now Ulsterman says the Clintons are at the bottom of a push to get rid of him. And not just the Clintons, but various Democrats who realize how destructive the Obama---all about meeee---influence has been to their party.
  It's worth reading and watching for the political machinations as we approach the elections later this year.  Read here.
  One can only imagine who would take his place.
UPDATE: Ulsterman says watch for the clues. Right on cue, Leahy excoriates the NSA, claiming the government is trying to control the American people.

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