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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Blaze on Buckeye

  WNWO, Toledo's NBC affiliate, is currently unavailable on Buckeye Cablevision, the primary provider of cable tv in Northwest Ohio.
  Although Time Warner has moved into the area, Buckeye (owned by The Blade, a leftist group) has pretty much dominated the market.
  Recently WNWO NBC was unable to reach an agreement with Buckeye. According to Buckeye, this is because WNWO, recently purchased by Sinclair, wants 10 times the previous amount of money received for its broadcast.
  A number of people have requested The Blaze TV on Buckeye. It's good news today that Buckeye is now broadcasting The Blaze on channels 591 HD and 175.
  Is this in response to losing the NBC affiliate? Who knows?
  Regardless, it's good news because The Blaze and Breitbart have both been breaking stories and following the stories the MSM refuse to cover.

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