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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Detroit's police chief shocks the Left

  The mayoral election in Detroit had a positive outcome: Detroit has been run by Democrats since 1962 (and yet, of course, take no responsibility for its woes and bankruptcy) and elected another Democrat --Mike Duggan-- last fall, but one whose business credentials are encouraging.
  Many of Detroit's mayors, and indeed its city council members, are known for corruption, bizarre behavior and an assumption that the world owed them however many pennies they could scoop up like an episode of Milky's Party Time, only they weren't scooping pennies, if you know what I mean.
  Recently appointed Detroit Police Chief James  Craig also offers a breath of fresh air to beleagured Detroits.
  Craig served 28 years in the LAPD, moved to Maine and then to Cincinnati, winding up currently in Detroit.  He shocked the Democrat world by declaring that Detroit, whose crime rate dropped by 7% in 2013, would be safer with more respectable citizens carrying guns to ward off the crimes of carrying thugs.
  Craig's plan is this:
A 10-percent drop in overall crime, five-minute 911 call response time and a 70-percent clearance rate for homicides were listed on the action plan. The department also will hire 150 new officers by mid-year and deploy detectives in each of the city's 12 police precincts, according to Craig. 
  Even more encouraging is Craig's attitude toward the hoity toities that populate the clownish city council.
  Councilman Cushingberry got caught driving away from a strip bar with an empty alcohol bottle and billows of marijuana smoke drifting from his vehicle. Cushingberry complained he was stopped by police because he was "driving while black," even though the officers were racial minorities (not in Detroit).
  Those officers called their supervisor when they realized they had a hot one on their hands; that supervisor arrived and, of course, let Cushingberry off, who then let loose on his Facebook page about how mean the police are.
  Craig was interviewed by Frank Beckmann on WJR the other day: he adamantly refuted the councilman's charges, establishing that there will be no favors for politicians anymore, a practice he said he could only assume was routine since these kinds of things happen "naturally."
  Honestly, listening to Chief Craig sounded like one of us out here in Tea Partyland.
  Let's hope he keeps it up.

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