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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bridgegate MOST notable for press reaction

  Politically I was interested in Chris Christie when he first appeared on the national scene as a viable spokesman for Republican interests. While Christie is not a conservative, he does have the mental acuity to speak specifically to issues which seem to entrap the more timid Republicans among us.
  The more he spoke, the less I liked Christie personally because of his liberal tendencies. 
  His treatment in the press is another matter. His enormous weight was ridiculed; Christie dealt with the barbs by joking and getting lap band surgery.
  His bluntness is criticized as "bullying" but Christie has dealt with that by dealing head on with liberal bullies who whine that any cut to make the state of New Jersey solvent hurt them and their pet causes.
  The current imbroglio involves a Christie aide snarling traffic at the busiest bridge in the world because the local Democrat mayor would not support Christie's re-election, just the kind of political corruption that the Obama administration is so guilt of so frequently.
  If Christie himself is guilty of this, he deserves everything he gets as do his aides. There is absolutely no place for petty grievances affecting the lives of taxpayers in this way.
  But the uproar about this incident is what is shocking.
  The press has gone into meltdown over Christie's administration, while scandal after scandal rolls over the Obama administration, which is more corrupt than any administration in my lifetime.
  The press aka Democrats blithely degrade or ignore:
  • the four deaths of American personnel in Benghazi
  • the fact that a terrorist involved in the burning of the Benghazi compound is a Guantanamo prisoner released by this administration
  • Hillary Clinton's lack of interest in providing additional security for the compound and her calloused "What difference does it make?" reaction when queried in comparison to her "red phone ringing in the middle of the night" campaign commercial
  • a Buzzfeed editor actually mocked Benghazi victims by claiming "BridgeGhazi" was the best hashtag on Twitter
  • Obama's promotion of gun dealing in Fast & Furious, which resulted in numerous deaths, including a Border Patrol agent
  • Obama's abuse of the IRS which he has used to punish conservatives, which continues to this day. No legal entity has even investigated the abuse of the IRS
  • Obama has thrown billions and billions of dollars to cronies who kick back money to his campaign
  • Obama's complete "ignorance" of any knowledge of any of the above scandals or any of the other illegalities perpetrated by his administration
  • the debacle of Obamacare and Obama's breaking of the law with regard to the law itself is immaterial, meant for the higher purpose of giving health care to those who didn't have it, even though millions and millions of other citizens have been forced to pay for sex change operations (Connecticut, specifically) and maternity benefits for illegal immigrants
  Suddenly there's shock! shock! and horror that a 91 year old woman may have died while waiting on the GWB Bridge in an ambulance.
  Apparently the media and Leftists care about death again.
  Leftists quickly celebrated that possibility and gleefully push morbid details after completely ignoring any scandal by their own candidate, whose hands are completely innocent ever of wrongdoing.
  I hope Christie isn't the (so-called) Republican candidate in 2016 but this scandal has flared up as quickly as gasoline on a fire while roaring infernos are blithely ignored.
  But this whole thing is more commentary about the press than Christie.
  They've become a complete joke, not much better than a home time news rag at the best and at their worst, our own version of government propaganda, just like Pravda.

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