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Thursday, January 30, 2014

GOP threat of immigration reform may backfire

  I made it through a few minutes of the SOTU speech; family members dragged me away from the television, protesting that my shouting was bothering them.
  Since the trauma of actually watching a few minutes of that debacle, I keep hearing snippets of news reports of the lies Obama told to the public.
  It's as if these people live in an alternate universe. Standing up, cheering when Biden scratched his nose, waving their arms as if Obama had something wildly inspirational.
  It was a nauseating display, really.
  Dressed in couture, carefully Botoxed, chauffeured, groomed, perfumed and pampered, this select group of people have ruined health care, ruined the economy, over-regulated every aspect of American life and continue to decimate our children's future while preening for the cameras, applauding and glad handing one another as if they were long lost lottery winners who've finally cashed in their tickets.
  They get to DC and forget who put them there and pay the bills, although some districts like San Francisco want all they can get out of other taxpayers.
  In the 2014 SOTU, Obama offered up his same old shtick, jutting jaw, 74 references to himself, as if he's the only American to rise up from, what. The middle class to high office. Certainly not poverty.
 He of the lilting voice, occasionally strained and high pitched, the Spoiled One earnestly called out the same community organizer non-answers, the same victimhood of select groups, the same insults he's been foisting on the public for years.
  I won't enumerate the frustrations conservatives have been dealing with in recent years: the accusations of hate & racism, the IRS harassment, the government hounding of ordinary citizens as if we are criminals, the increased use of technology to snoop in every aspect of life.
  Well, this is the plan. Overwhelm the system until it breaks. We know they're doing this with every social service they can inflate.
   It's pretty obvious at this point that that is also the plan they're working on conservative citizens: overwhelm them, inundate them, throw fear of everything possible at them until they give up, break and cower in the corners of their homes.
  One might think that is also what the Republican party has been doing to the conservative wing of the party. Apparently they enjoy being in the minority so much that they're willing to run the same kind of mushy candidates they have in recent years. It's easier to be in the minority because you still get the same perks without having the responsibility of making your base angry.
  Well, somehow the RINOS like Priebus, Boehner and, yes, PAUL RYAN think if they dump the most motivated sector of their party that will actually show up to vote, they're going to win the presidency.
  They're trying to play us for fools, as they've tried before.
  We've been quiet, I think, but the immigration issue is inflammatory enough to wake the dead.
  Are you NUTS, GOP?
  Are you INCOMPETENT, Reince Priebus?
  And you DO need to be replaced, John Boehner.
  Do these elected elites honestly think when only 3% of the public is concerned about immigration reform that it's an issue that will win them anything?
  And what's the point of issuing an edict that Republicans are eager to work with the most divisive, mean-spirited, Leftist president in the history of these United States, particularly in his last 2 years?
  Ya can't fix stupid.
   But you can vote it out, dammit.
  Which is what we'll do. Like the Scott Brown election, when times get desperate enough, as they are with Obamacare, even Democrats can vote for an alternative.
  And you can bet the Tea Party, which has no "elite" as Schumer said, will show up to vote.
  Just a reminder, DC.
  The Tea Party is a state of mind, not a party. 
  And the state of mind is about saving this country, not destroying it. 
  No wonder Henry Waxman et al are getting out of DC.

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