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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

No justice, no debt limit hike

As of late Republican leadership is slowly finding itself. Like a man coming off a three day bender it's beginning to shake off the pain and smell the coffee. Looking at the clock its sees that the debt limit is fast approaching and has begun to wonder if abject capitulation is the course that will forever endear it to to the voters who were promised so much and have seen so little reform. Before it dives headlong into an esoteric discourse on the positive effects of infinitesimal budget cuts when projected over 10 years one hopes someone will remind them that talking a good game on election day may not be enough if they have failed to deliver on what its base wants most. Justice.
Yes, justice. Someone is going to have to tell messrs McConnell and Boehner that we no longer believe them. It has been 263 days since Lois Lerner admitted that the IRS was illegally targeting Tea Party groups for illegal and unconstitutional abuse yet in spite of their promises and half hearted efforts it may just a well be day one. In fact they have lost ground. The FBI has stated the despite not looking into the matter it has found no criminal activity. The DOJ has appointed an Obama hack from the politicized Civil Rights Division whose sole contribution to the investigation has been to add an appearance of impropriety. The IRS is about the business of codifying its malfeasance into new regulations and Senator Chuck Schumer has urged it to do more mayhem to the rule of law.
In view of the indisputable fact that the administration has stonewalled two congressional committees and appointed a partisan hack to investigate the partisan IRS the Republicans should not allow the federal government to borrow one dime until an independent prosecutor who would be acceptable to the Republican caucuses of both houses has been appointed. Democrats will fall on their swords for Planned Parenthood, NPR and the all the illegitimate offspring of ACORN but Republicans lack the fortitude to protect their own candidates. I'm speaking of Christine O'Donnell and Joe the Plumber both of whom have had their tax information leaked to the press but it does not stop with the candidates. Frank VanderSloot, a major contributor to a Romney super PAC was subjected to two IRS audits — one focusing on his personal finances, the other related to his business interests — and a Labor Department audit of one of his businesses. Sarah Palin's father has been subjected to 6 harassments by the IRS.
If the Republican Party cannot even secure for its supporters something as basic as the protections promised by the constitution it deserves neither our respect nor our support.

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