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Friday, January 24, 2014

RINOs make good lovers

RINOs make good lovers. The mischief is that love is a fleeting thing. Like most of you I started out to be a big Chris Christie fan and like most of you I was outraged when he started his run for the White House before Mitt Romney had finished his. Both Crist and Christie won accolades from the liberal media for putting the citizens of their states above partisan politics and doing the right thing for the people. They were really principled men.
As of late, the media has found no inconsistency in accusing the principled Governor Christie of unprincipled political dirty tricks. Christie deserves everything he gets and news that the Obama Justice Department has served his re-election campaign with a subpoena should surprise no one. It is indeed remarkable that the DOJ never saw fit to investigate former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine for stealing billions of dollars from his customers' accounts. The matter has resulted in a civil suit brought not by the DOJ but rather the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.
"Corzine bears responsibility for MF Global's unlawful acts," the lawsuit said. "He held and exercised direct or indirect control over MF Global and Holdings and either did not act in good faith or knowingly induced these violations."
Corzine bears responsibility for unlawful acts but Christie is the one holding the DOJ warrant.
Know something? I don't give a damn.


  1. I do. It's outrageous that the rule of law is being circumvented, distorted and abused in so many ways and by so many people. The DOJ is a joke. The media's a joke. This presidency is a joke. The Republican party is a joke. Once trust is lost, gaining it again is difficult.

  2. I guess I really do too. Remember how many posts I wrote about the MF Global theft? What I should have made clear was that I have no sympathy for Christie. You lie down with dogs...

  3. Perhaps RINO horn powder is being dropped into Republicans In Name Only beverages by the DNC? Stop killing the rhino's you buttheads! Money is the aphrodisiac of both parties. Follow the money......TEA partiers want to put the demoncrats and RINO's out to pasture to the benefit of our great country through our very straightforward domestic policies. Please, please my fellow TEA partyers, don't believe the Pavlovian media lap dogs who are slaved to the Obama admin. 2014 could be our year!!!! As was 2010 elections. Work hard, educate and be a patriot! Now is the time to strike. We need to roll up our sleeves and be prepared to counter with facts with good humored spirit. That's who we are! With Obamacare, NSA and Benghazi policy failures ( whoops forgot IRS targeting of TEA party folks ) Americans in the Inland Empire are restless and ready to vote true patriots into political roles who are of similar spirit whatever their political party.

    We must be steadfast and willing to sacrifice our property and our lives to save this country. Work hard, be frugal, love your neighbor, be cheerful. Let the attacks from the RINO's and Demoncrats strengthen you and make strong your resolve!

    Keep your powder dry.

    Snake Plisken